Hot-galvanized Steel Grating for platform

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This kind of grating is made of steel, which is usually covered with zinc coating (hot galvanizing). About 90% of the company's orders come from st37, and in some cases st 52 is also made.

Due to the manual construction of this kind of grating, there are no restrictions on size, and will be manufactured and delivered in accordance with MBG 531 standard.

All gratings of this company are guaranteed for two years and whenever a difference between the piece is made and the approved plan of the employer is observed, a new piece will replace the faulty piece.

Download the weight and load bearing software from theproduct technical file (Attachment)

The following information can help you choose grating

Load Bearing Bar:

A bar that holds the weight and is placed on the support.

Transverse Bar / Cross Bar:

A bar or four-pole that fixes the distance between the load cells and fixes the grid.

Serrated Steel Grating:

This kind of grating is used to prevent surface smoothness.


The distance between load bearing bars or transverse bars.

Toe Plate (Kick- Plate):

To prevent hitting to fittings and installed installations along with grating

Binding Bar :

It is usually made of load bearing bar and For greater resistance to grating, it has a higher thickness than the load bearing bar.

Design and presentation of the map, installation and manufacturing of grating

For the sake of well-being, Moshabak Sazan Arya company's customers have the ability to co-operate in the preparation of the grating map. All the points that raise the quality at different stages of production are applied in the maps.

Cnc engraving:

To identify and tracing the production grating, the map of each piece is installed on the grating.


Packing is based on customer order and is usually packed on a pallet with a bar.   To identify the grating, the map number is carved on the grating, and the package has a complete list of packing.

Loading :

One of the basic characteristics of each grating and its main function is the amount of time it can withstand to reach the limit of bending.  There are two types of loading,1) Concentrated loading and 2) Wide loading. What is important in gravity loading is the type of load bearing Bar and distance of load bearing Bars , and the Transver Bar type does not have much impact on loading.